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Civil Society and the Rights of Individuals free essay sample

This paper is a detailed look at the political and social philosophies of Rousseau and Edmund Burke. This paper discusses the views of political philosophers Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Edmund Burke. The author explores their beliefs regarding government in society and their views on the nature of man and his relationship with religion, politics, social regimes and civil society. The paper shows how the philosophers beliefs contrast with each other. Unlike Burke, Rousseau did not come from a political background. He saw himself as unique with a valuable contribution to make to modern thought and society. He was not a member of the cliques that dominated eighteenth century European society and he made his home traveling from one society to another. He believed himself to be fully conscious at a very young age and took advantage of this state by writing about his beliefs at a young age. His political beliefs stemmed from the romantic enlightenment strand of thought. We will write a custom essay sample on Civil Society and the Rights of Individuals or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page This foundation was the basis for his beliefs on civil society. Rousseau believed that all rights are conventional. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and those basic rights of man are the result of an agreement or social contract between man and government. These rights therefore depend on the will of government.

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Closed Circuit Television Promotes Social Inequality And free essay sample

Control Essay, Research Paper Closed Circuit Television Promotes Social Inequality and Control by Aaron R. Hamming In recent old ages at that place has been a turning tendency affecting the usage of closed circuit telecasting cameras. Many concerns are utilizing these cameras to supervise shoppers big metropolitan countries have started utilizing these systems to see people in public areas.These cameras can be highly little and are frequently barely noticeable. But few people it seems hold stopped to see the possible impacts these cameras have on our lives. And it is the negative effects that may really good outweigh any of the possible benefits. Presently there are no equal Torahs modulating the usage of such cameras, and it is improbable that without public call that there will be any instituted. Both the United States Congress every bit good as the Supreme Court have been unquestionably soundless on this issue. Due to the conservative nature of both of these establishments our personal autonomies will most likely continue to be of secondary importance to societal control involvements. We will write a custom essay sample on Closed Circuit Television Promotes Social Inequality And or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The chief statement for the usage of closed circuit telecasting is, of class, our protection or safety. The benefit comes by doing the consumers feel more secure while they shop. This in bend allows them to buy more which straight helps the concern. This may look to be successful from a concern position, but it can non trust to work out the root issue of our societal jobs. All it can make is dissemble the fact that our society has these such jobs. Until the footing of these jobs are addressed they can non be solved, and they will merely go on to acquire worse. By disregarding these jobs we can merely worsen them. The 4th amendment to the U.S. Constitution is really expressed in vouching our protection from unreasonable hunt and ictuss, and this is basically what the rampant usage of c.c.t.v is go againsting. Because there are no Torahs modulating it? s use, guiltless people will go on to be scrutinized and evaluated for no significant ground. Such monitoring allows the impressions of sensible cause or hunt warrants to be wholly ignored. The usage of these cameras in the private sector allows concerns to seek and find the motivations of the people shopping at that place. Peoples that do non look to be good consumers are identified and may be asked to go forth the premises. Or in the instance of public streets, people that look like possible trouble makers can be harassed or detained for no other ground than their visual aspect. The net consequence of labeling people as consumers and non-consumers is that it breeds societal inequality. This aiming can be based on nil more than a individual? s visual aspect. Certain groups that can be identified merely by superficial features, such as the impoverished, are routinely overtargeted by this system. It serves as a method of sublimating an constitution by extinguishing what the shop may see to be unwanted shoppers. Such an illustration of profiling and over-poli cing goes wholly against this state? s impression of equality under the jurisprudence and is a blazing illustration of violation upon our most basic civil autonomies. Minorities are frequently targeted based on visual aspect. In the position quo, it is allowable to make this even if they have done nil incorrect. Establishing opinions on racial or cultural differences is inherently racist and sets back equality motions in this state by advancing segregation. This systematic exclusion in public topographic points promotes what is known as hyper-polarization. Attempts to aim and extinguish people based on category or racial differences necessarily leads to disaffection of these sections of society. The authorities? s determination non to go involved makes it complicit in this agency of favoritism, traveling us one measure closer towards de-facto favoritism. Such hyper-polarization could take to open category struggle in the signifier of mass opposition or rioting. Confronting no options can surely take to utmost reactions. This will besides function to warrant greater methods of societal control. In the face of social pandemonium at that place would look to be small alternate but to set up a rigorous constabulary province. Another negative effect of c.c.t.v. is that it allows concerns to supervise it? s employees. Employers will hold the chance to forestall employees from making anything that does non straight profit the concerns productiveness. Making so in consequence dehumanizes the employee, cut downing them from persons to mere machines ; automatons whose exclusive map is to turn a net income for the concern. While this may non be a enormous job in the U.S. because of our basic labour Torahs, it is going black in less-developed states. Make to the tendency of globalisation, industries are puting up mills in states where labour Torahs are minimal or even non-existent. And with closer surveillance the conditions in these sweatshops will be allowed to deteriorate dramatically. Employers can watch from 1000s of stat mis off, cognizing when underpaid employees are making such counter productive things as feeding or taking bathroom interruptions. What is needed to extinguish the menaces posed by c.c.t.v. usage is a agency of doing the system accountable to the populace. The surveillers need to be held responsible for what this information is used for. It is indispensable that we prevent such a powerful tool of societal control from being used about entirely for economic benefit. Without democratic inadvertence of surveillance engineerings such as c.c.t.v. , we remain at the caprices and desires of those runing the systems. It is naif to believe that if we don? t challenge each case of such societal control that the state of affairs will better. More likely is that each measure we take towards a constabulary province that goes unchallenged will let for each subsequent measure to take topographic point. And after each measure it becomes progressively hard to change by reversal the tendency. Bibliography No outside beginnings used 387

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Food and Nutrition essays

Food and Nutrition essays Food and Nutrition Cleo Chana Nutrition refers to the study of the way in which the substances in food affect our health. Over the last one hundred years, American diet has changed drastically. It was not uncommon for a person's diet 100 years ago to reflect a heavy dependence on grains, fruits, and vegetables. While there is far more attention paid today to health and nutrition. the typical American diet is not as nutritionally balanced as that of our grandparents. Analyzing your eating patterns is very important because diet is related to six of the ten leading causes of death in the United States. Most students know that too much fat, sugar, and salt are unhealthy. They know these substances increase the chance of getting chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer. But most students cannot choose between foods based on their fat, sugar, salt, and fiber content. It is also clear that the eating patterns of students frequently include many friend foods and snack food, and beverages that have added sugar and salt. Foods contain substances needed for growth and development. The substances are classified into six groups called essential nutrients, which are necessary for the maintenance of health. There are six categories of essential nutrients: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water. Of these six groups, carbohydrates, fats, and protein provide energy for the body in the form of calories. The remaining three nutrients-vitamins, minerals, and water- are essential for the body to use these other nutrients properly. When choosing a variety of foods, your diet can supply all your daily requirements. One way to select from a variety of goods is by grouping them. The idea of foud basic food groups was once used to group foods for nutritional purposes. In May 1992, the U.S Department of Agriculture provided a new way of categorizi...

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Entrepreneurship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 7

Entrepreneurship - Essay Example Therefore, for an entrepreneur to succeed in combining innovations to revolutionize the patterns of production, he has to carry out new combinations in productions, through a process that requires a work force. In addition, entrepreneurs require professional management skills, since their obsession becomes a liability in managing the growth of a business. 2. On the other hand, feasibility analysis before venturing in a business is necessary, since the analysis enables an entrepreneur to understand the business process and identify the factors that will facilitate success s of the business venture. Therefore, venturing in to a business without conducting a feasibility test can lead to an over estimation or underestimation of factors that will facilitate the continuation of the business. For example, an entrepreneur may have an idea of starting a business, which requires acquisition of a certain machine for production. If the entrepreneur fails to conduct a technical feasibility analysis, a technical problem on the machine can cause a downfall of the business. Therefore, if the entrepreneur had decided to conduct a technical feasibility analysis, he would have had the chance of identifying availability of technical expertise to correct the problem if it occurs, hence sustaining productivity in the Entrepreneurship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 2 Entrepreneurship - Essay Example on creating positive outcome for new products and services as well as in the operational processes of that particular business or start up that engages in it. The managerial processes, the market segment and the organizational structure of the business may also experience the positive impact of innovation when it is clearly and properly implemented and integrated into the business. Different businesses and startup companies engage in innovation for different reasons. The ultimate goal of innovation is to improve the businesses (Lee et al., 2000). The changes that are associated with innovation are intended to improve the efficiency, profitability and the viability of that particular business. There are several aspects of a business that are known to benefit from innovation both in an existing businesses or a new entrepreneurial start up. Some of these aspects and areas include finance, research and development, sales, human resources and marketing. Acs and Szerb (2009) state that innovation does not need to be new or revolutionary for it to be of benefit to the business or entrepreneurial start up. The aim of this paper is to explore the role that is played by innovation in entrepreneurial startups and in the growth of businesses. This is done through a reviewed of existing literature in peer reviewed journals. In order to unravel and explore the role of innovation in entrepreneurial startups and in the growth of businesses, this paper relies on secondary data that exist in journals. To explore and understand how innovation impacts on entrepreneurial startups and the role that it plays in the growth of existing businesses, the paper will use peer reviewed journals. The journals that will be used in this paper are those that deal with innovation, entrepreneurship and growth of businesses. In selecting the journals to be used in the paper, an analysis of various journals that deal with the topic was done. After this, the journals that contain data and information

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Article Rebuttal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Article Rebuttal - Essay Example as Anthony Watts have found flaws in the Muller study because his theory does not add any value to the controversy since he does not focus on finding out whether humans are critical variable causing global warming. Global warming is a hot business topic because the governmental environmental regulators are getting stricter as time passes and are imposing new regulations that increase the costs of the company in order to implement the EPA mandates. During the 1990s when the topic of global warming became mainstreamed it was discussed as a threat to society and the government propaganda focused on blaming pollution from cars and industrial activity as the main cause of this phenomenon. Since then society has also realized that deforestation is a major contributor to global warming. The world is using too much paper and they a cutting down trees at an alarming rate. There are technological solutions on the way to lower the dependence of wood to create paper. An innovative company called Papyrus Australia invented a patented technology to produce paper out of the trucks of banana trees. Banana plants are a renewable source. The article lacked substance and critical solutions to the problem of global warming. The author’s arguments were irrational and they failed to bring any relevant new information to the table. The effect of the problem on humanity was not clearly identified. In my opinion the author should have focus more on finding solutions to the problem and stating the types of behavioral changes that have to occur from humanity to lower the effect of global warming and possibly eradicate the problem in the near future. Despite my criticism of the article there was some information that added some value to the discussion of the global warming topic. The author used some historical perspective on the topic which is always a good writing technique. I learned about the existence of a little Ice Age that occurred between 1300 A.D. and 1900 A.D. There were also

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Performance Measurement Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Performance Measurement Systems - Essay Example This paper presents an understanding of performance measurement systems and their effectiveness in enhancing employee performance. It also discusses the way performance measurement systems should be implemented so as to achieve desired outcomes and motivate employees to perform accordingly. Performance measures are of critical importance to all organisations, public and private both. Organisations are increasingly being focused on devising and implementing sound performance measurement techniques and systems so as to direct employees' behaviour and efforts towards the achievement of organisational goals. Performance measures are generally concerned with gauging the extent to which an organisation achieves desired or planned outcomes out of all the efforts and investment put into the operation. Adcroft propounds that "central to pretty much all measures of organisational performance is an understanding of the relationship between economic inputs and outputs" (2005, p388). An organisation, whether private or public, is said to be performing well if the performance measures or means to gauge the level of employee performance verify that the efforts have led to the desired outcomes in the favour of the organisation. Public and private sector organisations both have different objectives behind formulation and implementation of different performance measures. De Bruijn says that "a public organisation formulates envisaged performance and indicates how this performance can be measured by defining performance indicators" (2002, p579). Public organisations for instance NHS, public libraries and universities gauge their performances by setting standards against which actual performance can be measured. Due to the fact that most public sector organisations do not operate for profit motives, these organisations cannot set performance goals on the basis of achievement of profit targets. The public organisations have therefore different objectives and purposes for performance measurement as compared to private sector organisations working for the achievement of profit goals. In public sector organisations, performance measures are generally intended to achieve the objectives set out primarily by government and local bodies. It is because these organisations are not motivated by profit targets, they can not measure performance through budgeting etc. Parker says that in public sector organisations, "performance measures should be designed to inform all of the stakeholders of the effectiveness of their service, reflecting the objectives of Government and Local Authority" (2006, p35). In this way, performance measures in public sector organisations will not inform the sectors on profitability of operations, rather the efficiency of services they provide to the customers for example efficiency of health services in NHS and services in public libraries. Performance Measurement and Organisational Structure: The increasing focus on performance management to emphasise control issues and achievement of organisational purposes has led to an evident shift in organisational structure and approach towards control systems. It has diversified the focus of control systems